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Go-Ahead for Peru Travel

Traveling is always the kind of fun that needs to be planned and organized, especially when it involves going to different cities. Travel freaks all around the world save money and take out time to fly to a destination, not just for mere fun, but for the journey to be marked as a life experience. It goes without a doubt that traveling is the best way to refresh and get to a new start in your life and for this, you have to choose a place that can provide you with maximum amusement and lifetime of joy.

Know about Peru

Peru is a South American country with a unique landscape and mesmerizing beauty, positioned on the western side of the continent that faces South of Pacific Ocean with the sights of the Andes mountain range running all across South America. The country shares its borders with Chile to the south side, Ecuador, and Colombia at the northern region and Brazil and Bolivia to its east. Being surrounded by such diverse countries, the place has much more to offer than other countries near to Peru that are bigger, but less varied regions.

Peru is known to be the kingdom with a vast range of cultural and social diversity. The place can give you a show of human life just by traveling across it, which most of other countries cannot provide because of the welcoming people that live in Peru.

The land of Peru invokes curiosity and enthralls the viewer with its wonders and beauty. To the history and art lovers, the place has so much to offer with its archaeological patrimony of previous cultures and the center of the Inca’s empire, and moreover, the wonders they created in the colonial times. The place display exclusivity the natural resources used by the empires that once ruled the region.

With the marks of pre-Columbian cultures and vast empires, the country has so many stories to offer for the ones who seek.

Country specifics

In order to get around any place, you need to have a rough idea about the country specifics and its general rules to go by. Peru uses Nuevo sol (PEN) as its currency for buying and exchanging goods and speaks Spanish as its official language. The other spoken languages are Quechua and Aymara. The place has historical marks and a lot with Lima as its capital city that is the largest city in Peru. Arequipa is the second largest city of Peru and Trujillo is the third largest city in Peru. The majority of people from Peru are mestizos around 47% of the population of Peru; mestizos are people of combined European and Native American descent.

Peruvian People and life

The poverty level of the country is also astonishing given its richness in natural resources. The percentage of poor is estimated to be 25.8%. Here, the rich population is mostly Hispanic who lives in the cities and enjoys elite privileges. The best thing the country offer is the spirit of nationalism that runs through all the classes of the society and everyone rich or poor, rural or urban, has this great love for their land and they take pride in owning what they have.

The country is seen to be facing certain issues when it comes to the governmental level and trust between public and the powers above, but this doesn’t change their will to serve their country. Many scandals for embezzlement and corruption come out time to time that lead to public distress, but it is said that the nation is striving to solve its problems.

Coming towards the economy of the country, it is quite strong and growing fast, but still, the ratio of rich to the poor is high. The country depends on trade with the bigger and advanced nations, which include countries like China and United States. The trade is obvious technology for natural resources.

As a traveler, you must know such things so that you don’t get a cultural shock when you get there. There are same places we expect to be very light as our holiday state of mind, but remember that you need to know the surrounding and environment you are going to spend time in.

Most of the travelers from United States take Peru as a country that is not welcoming to them, due to their nationality, but the assumption is merely false. The people of the land are friendly, generous and do not hold grudges on an individual level. That makes the country also safer and friendlier for you to visit.

Common Slangs

The Spanish language; being the official of Peru, is widely spoken and regarded throughout the regions. As a traveler, you must have a little idea of the slangs used in the streets of Peru, as the language has a whole new meaning in that far region. The language is used by the people with a blend of Quechua, which has left a deeper effect to the meanings and many slangs are therefore born. So, when you get there, you must know a little about the Peruvian Spanish and the common slangs.

In the streets of Peru, you get to hear words such as:

¡Asu!: This is an expression of surprise and shock. You memorize this and next time you hear someone calling it loud, know that something unusual is coming on the way.

Arrecho: the term is used in context of horny and you will witness the slang much to understand it by your own once you have a prolonged stay.

Bacan/Paja: You hear such a sound, know that it means awesome and commonly used as referring to cool.

Blanca: Used for cocaine and for a traveler visiting the country first time, drug code is a must know so that you are not found at the investigation counter.

Brocoli/Cabro/Chimbombo: The Peruvian slangs suggest that these terms refer to less manly people or gays. Guys especially must memorize it to know what the population is referring to.

Broder: for a friend, like we say brother.

Fercho: the driver is termed as Fercho.

Fumon: It is referred to people who are addicted to drugs and people who smoke a lot. You may have been warned about that.

Sapo: If you are called this, means they think you are clever. The people generally use the slang for crafty ones. Also, they use this term to refer to people who ask a lot.

Terruco: Terraco is the word for terrorist.

Tono/Juerga: The word you know the most. Tono is for party! All a traveler needs after the whole day of visiting places and asking around.

The most common slang of Peru is for blonds. Gringo is the term used for that and most of the times, blond people hear “¡Hola, gringo!” while talking to shopkeepers and random people. These slangs are mostly not used in an offensive manner, but people are actually very friendly to call you this way.

Public Holidays

Peru celebrates its big day by a day off from work. People rejoice and enjoy the national holidays with much zeal and zest. National public holidays in Peru are:

New Year’s Day (Jan 1)

Thursday and Friday: Easter week (March or April)

Labor Day (May 1)

Feast of St Peter and St Paul (June 29) Fiestas Patrias -National Holidays (July 28-29)

Battle of Angamos (Oct 8)

All Saints’ Day (Nov 1)

Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Dec 8)

Christmas (Dec 24-25. On Christmas eve they get half day on 24)


The Peru nightlife chapter is also a very interesting story. When the night starts getting darker, the clubs start getting the lights and music goes loud. The Peru party cloud ranges from cities with so many bars always in access. The clubs there are termed as discoteccis.

The culture of nightclubs, just like the diverse people, also varies. The ones who dance the night away from the stick-to-the-bar people create a mix of people you can socialize with and talk your heart out. For a stranger in the region, there is nothing better than to meet someone in a club and pour your heart out and dance your worries away.

Traveling In Peru: Things to Know

Peru is known to be one of the most popular countries regarding to trade in the South American region. Every year, thousands of visitors fly to the country to get the sights of historical Machu Picchu or witness the nature in the thick rain forests. From beaches to dolphin shows to coasts, the country is a worth travel place. However, for traveling certain measures have to be taken.

Cost estimation

You need to set your budget before travel, as the travelers have to manage the trips in the savings of all the year. For people who have this strong passion for getting around and seeing the world, somehow manage to arrange all the expenses and make the travel happen. However, when you are traveling to an unknown destination, all the odds must be kept in check so that you don’t face any problems living and enjoying.

Accommodation charges

The budget for the hotels or guest hostels fluctuates when you get around Peru. You can easily get a dorm room in a price range of $8 to S15 per night. If you choose to stay in a luxurious compartment, that also won’t cost much in the inner cities and a private room with attach bath can range from $25 to $30. This means you can easily pack up your bags for a trip to Peru on a budget that won’t take more than your annual trip savings.


Getting the good food in Peru is not a problem as the country has a large population of street stall eater, while the other dine in fine restaurants. You can go on and choose whatever and whenever suits you. When at the beaches, seafood is the best and served to fill the appetite to its full. If you want to manage the budget, you can do it very easily by cutting off the food expenses and spending the money elsewhere. This is due to very cheap but good food served at the street stalls. For a day, if one wants to go for the street food, it takes an estimate of $5 for lunch and dinner. If you choose to dine in a fancy western food place, the charges even there won’t hurt your pocket much.


Getting around Peru is cheap and inexpensive mostly if you do that by bus. The bus tour for 10 hours can cost up to S20, depending on what company you have chosen. The capital is toured by cabs mostly, but that too can get no more than $7 to $8. There is a micro-bus service available too, that takes you from one place to other in less than S0.75. Although the ride is a bit hectic as compared to cabs, you can enjoy it too with the ear plugs and a good mood.


You have to manage to get cheap trips to the archaeological sites that can cost the minimum of $45 to $50. The helicopter travel is comparatively costly, but that is the part of the trip you have to save for. For that purpose, you have to cut down the extra budget.

Save money on your trip

Use Hospedajes for accommodation

The hospedajes are rest houses, available for travelers at a very cheap rate. These are kind of family run hotels that provide travelers with a home-like environment on cheap rates.

Public transportation

For saving the budget for transportation, you can use public transportation and the easiest way to save money in that is the Lima mini buses. Collectivos are a form of cheap buses that cost a person about $0.25-80.50 for a ride.

Eat the meal of the day

The meal of the day is a set meal of the day that costs less than other. You can get these meals for $2.75 USD.


If you want a low-cost trip, its best that you take a trip in off season as in the peak seasons, rates are high and travelers have to pay more for resorts and guides than usual days. The April onwards months are the best time to get the tour of your lives.

Tourist Attractions in Peru

Peru is a land of diversity from the exotic jungles and the desserts to the mesmerizing mountain ranges, and all the other things that lie in between them. Travel to Peru seems like a life changing adventure just waiting for its seeker to think on it and plan ahead.

The country has so much to offer to the viewers from the trails of Inca to the pink dolphin shows. Peru’s vibrant culture inspires and it’s the best way to get a break from your monotonous life. If you are lucky enough to see the national days, you won’t forget the energy that the day withholds giving optimism to everyone who sees.

The wildlife of Peru has so much to offer to the jungle seekers with the best-preserved areas of virgin Amazon rainforest. You can witness everything that you view in television for real and it takes you by the heart to see such beauty of nature.

With the highest tropical mountain range in the world, Peru is the best place to visit and stay for the mountain lovers. Also, if you want to travel in search for peace and leisure, the trip can serve that purpose too. The country has the best diners and gourmet restaurants for you to have a lavish trip.

Once you have finalized your tour to the country of art, nature, and beauty of life, there is a list you need to make of things you have to see. As some people don’t get chances to visit the country, again and again, it is very necessary that you add the must see places to your planner before you get there.

Most of the people are seeing relying on tour guides when it comes to choosing traveling spots, but the truth is, when you spend that much money and time on visiting a place, you must have a plan for places you need to visit and things you have to witness. While in Peru, following are some things one must see.

Lima the capital

The colonial beauty of the country can all be witnessed in the capital city. Lima has so much to offer that you would think on extending your stay to explore more. The city has a blend of people from diverse cultures choosing to enjoy the differences and the fun that begins when the city gets darker. The nightlife of Peru cannot be explored more anywhere than Lima.

Hike Inca trail to Machu Picchu

It is located in the region of Cuzco. The country is the home of the Incas that has managed to become one of the world’s most popular tour destination. Machu Picchu is ranked among the most celebrated historical sites on the planet, hidden by a mysterious cloud regularly. High up in the Andes, you will find the stories of the past with the ruins in the present. Getting up there is also a trip to remember as you walk along jungles and mountains on the way up to Inca Trail. The multi-day journey gives you the patience, and the peace surrounding helps your soul to rejuvenate.

As you already know, Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu are visited by a lot of people during all the year so make sure you reserve your ticket with anticipation especially if you want to go to Huayna Picchu that only accept few people every days because of security reasons.

Make your reservation at least with two months of anticipation before your trip; here is the page where you can reserve your ticket online:

Click Here for our reservation to Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu Trip!

Mancora Beach

It is located in the region of Piura, in the north of Peru. The country has in it the finest and breathtaking beaches of South America, attracting thousands of visitors each year. Apart from the mesmerizing sights and the fresh air it offers to the travelers, the beach has all the fun one needs to have. You can get sunbathe or enjoy water sports of all kinds. The seafood there is too hard to resist for someone who has once tasted it.

Hike the Colca Canyon

It is located in the region of Arequipa. The Colca Canyon is a place worth to add to the list when you are planning your tour days in Peru. With an estimate of annual 120,000 visits, the place is one of the most stunning places the country has to offer. The other reason of attracting so many visitors each year is the increased number of Andean condors. The population of the condors has decreased over years in the South American regions, but Colca has no scarcity of it.

Explore Cuzco

Cuzco gets to enjoy the art and diversity of colonial times with thousands of history lovers and travel freaks each year. The stone built foundations are one of the major tourist attractions with the marvels of design and human creation. The city celebrates colorful festivals with its zealous citizens and party rockers all around the year. One cannot just claim to have seen the beauty of the country without exploring Cuzco- the city.

Get the Iquitos tour

It is the capital of the region of Loreto, the largest region in Peru. Iquitos being the largest city in the rainforests attracts visitors that want to see the marvels of nature in the thick forests of Peru. The city cannot be reached by road and you have to get there via plane or boat. The city has the River Amazon that starts in Peru as the main river and this river is considered one of the largest rivers in the world by length and the largest river in the world by volume. The city is also known for its diverse ecology with a vast variety of flora and fauna, including orchids, palms, and lilies. The region has 150 species of reptiles, 330 of birds and over a 100 of mammals. Such versatility of living organisms is hard to find elsewhere in the world.

The penguins of Paracas

It is located in the region of lea, it is around three hours from Lima by bus. The southern part of Peru has a lot of fun to offer with a striking show of wildlife. The city of Paracas is home to thousands of bird and sea lions. The main attraction for tourists is the penguin population along the water that gives serene view to eyes. If you like more adrenaline you can visit Huacachina that is an oasis near Paracas and you can get a ride in Sand Rails, also you can practice Sandboard in this amazing place.

Other Options

The country has so much to offer and there is never enough time to explore all the things. Being from Peru, I also recommend Punta Sal Beach and the cities of Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Puno (mountains) and Tarapoto (jungle). Those places are just marvelous and there are not so many tourists as the other options so it is less expensive. Also, you have a diversity of celebrations during all year in every town of Peru, for example, the Carnival of Cajamarca or the Celebration of Candelaria Virgin in Puno so you can visit them and have a lot of fun in that time there.

Remember, each step you take is the part of the journey, so don’t miss any sight or a scene as later, these memories will merge to become great life experiences. While touring, don’t forget to take your camera along, as much marvels are not to be seen once, but to be captured and saved forever.

Ideal travel time

Most of the travelers to Peru are looking forward to the hike experience to the beautiful peaks of the country. For this purpose mainly, you have to see when you are traveling. The June to September in Peru are considered as the driest seasons of the year and are therefore considered as the best ones to travel and see around. People, who travel all the way from the other parts of the world to see the Cuzco or trek, must check the weather condition first to make it possible to achieve their goals.

Travel season

The peak season in Peru for travelers has to be determined by the weather conditions in the country. The country has two totally opposite seasons, the wettest and the driest one. So now, it is on the travelers what experience they want. For the seekers and explorers, the dry season is the best as they can look around, travel freely and experience the mountain ranges.

For the airlines and tourist resorts, from mid of December to January, people are mostly seen registering and staying. The sunny days are in June with the chills in the air at nights. The time is considered very good to travel to the country as routes are clear and things are at the peak. There are few mosquitoes, and the weather is not an issue. These June forward months are considered the best, particularly, for the hiking and trekking. Just make sure you have pre-arranged the accommodation.

Climate of Peru

For those who have no idea about the climate shifts in the country, October is the dry season with good sunny days and no humidity or signs of rains. When the year extends and November starts, the climate gets a shift and throughout the month of April, rains are witnessed. January is considered as the wettest month in the country with heavy rains.

This results in blockades in roads and trekking sights.

The climate of Peru is different in its three regions:

The coastal area is typically dry and mild.

The Andean region is moderate to a bit cold.

The eastern plains are tropically warm and moist.

Coastal area

On the coastal area, the summer season is dry with temperatures reaching up to 35°C. The temperature gets mild in the months from May to October as it’s the winter arrival.


Rain is observed in the highlands from May season to October. January and February are marked as the wettest months in the region with dry morning, leading to rainy evenings.

The Jungle

One main attraction to visit Peru is the Amazon jungle that is extremely humid and witnesses rainfalls throughout the year. The dry season has temperatures from 30°C-38°C during the daytime. When the year moves From November to April, the temperature gets a bit steamy. The springtime in Peru is from April to May when the weather gets quite good and human-friendly.

So, when it comes to making a journey decision, you have to keep all these weather conditions in mind so that you don’t waste a dime of our money and a second of your time. Lima gets its peak visitors in the spring time that makes it socially more diverse and fun to travel.


I hope this article was able to help you to find your way in Peru country. Know your destination so that you have a good idea what to explore. From the historical landmarks, the diverse stories of social variations, to the forests of nature, Peru travel has all in a package that one can demand for a great vacation.

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