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How to Get The Most Delicious Peruvian Food

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Peruvian Cuisine

The Peruvian cookery is world famous for its multi-cultural history and the mouthwatering dishes with the right spices and deep cooking served in a traditional style; can take one away from all the other troubles going on. A fusion of so many civilizations, one can find some common dishes all over the country and so many other special dishes with regional fame that mix up to give the best food experience to a person traveling from far corners of the world. The food stalls can be found in almost every street market you pass by where regional food with all its luscious tastes is available. The regional cuisines are the reflection of local trends and customs, and the spices range from place to place. The fast food and almost all the major food chains are also available in the bigger cities.

Regional dishes

The immigrants from Spain, France, and their countries brought with them their regional recipes, but due to non-availability of ingredients, they made use of what was available. This innovation gave rise to the Peruvian cuisine.

The four traditional ingredients of Peruvian recipes are corn, beans, and potatoes mostly preferred with rice as the trend was introduced by the Spanish immigrants. Chef Gaston Acurio is known for introducing the local ingredients.

Although the country has some common dishes, but due to the cultural fusion, Peru has its own regional delights that come from the immigrant and types of ingredients available in the places.

The coastal area

The southern coast of Peru is supplied by the most delicious and lucrative fish that makes the region a seafood special. The most famous form of seafood there is raw fish with citrus juice enjoyed by people at the beaches.

The northern side

As you move from the northern regions to the south, the trend in cuisines also moves with you. Here in the high climate area, Indian influences are found as meat is widely celebrated cuisine here. Stews, lambs and meat dishes with good spices get to be the specialty7 of the region. The Peruvian dishes reach as far as the borders of Ecuador and are much savored and enjoyed there as anywhere else in the world.


The cities of highlands in Peru have a lot of traditional foods some of them have a lot of history like Pachamanca, Cuy Chactado, Rocoto Relleno. It has a lot of tradition and it is usually made in the local traditional parties. The dishes in highlands tend to be really big in size but delicious. Other traditional dishes there are soups like mondongo, soup of lambs, and soups of beef.

The Amazon

Being a rain forest, the dishes and cookery of the region is well relied on fresh and natural foods. The forest area is used for hunting animals and getting delicious fresh meat, but the region also enjoys quiet a range of paiche, which is considered as the largest among fresh water fish. There are no turtle dishes in the country as hunting turtles is prohibited in the country and if there are any such dishes, they are rare and expensive. Among the prohibited hunting species comes the Black Caiman that is protected by the Peruvian law. With a large supply of fruits, the Amazon area enjoys fresh juices and fruit desserts. Camu Camu is taken as the best Peruvian fruit with an approximate of 40 times more vitamin C than kiwi. The other fruits like pineapples and mangoes can be fetched in the country, but the jungles special are mammee apple, guanabana, taperiva, and cherimoya. The famous beverage of the region is Chapo that is prepared with sweet plantain.

Having such diverse range of eatables, the country can be marked as one of the world’s best food places as it has so much to offer to the foodies. You land in Peru and get the cultural mix of so many European, African and Asian civilizations, and so do you observe in the food trends. When the cuisines from all these regions of the world are prepared in a Peruvian style with the local ingredients, the best cuisines of global acknowledgment are made. Hundreds and thousands of people choose Peru as a travel destination each year and one of the main reasons for it is to analyze the local food and trends there. The culinary fusion of the country attracts people and they take all the recipes with them to have a taste of Permian cuisine back at home.

Famous Peruvian Dishes

The traditional cuisine of Peru is now acknowledged worldwide for its fine making and appetizing flavors. The food leaves you with a desire for more even if you are full because there is never much to what you eat. The diversity of cuisine from place to place changes with the kinds of cultures, so you always have so many choices for food as you move from Inca to Machu Picchu.

When in Peru, there are some musts a person has to try and the locals believe that the household is not complete without the common dishes being prepared in the kitchens. The country has its eateries for people belonging to all the social classes. You can dine in a fancy restaurant or take food from a street vendor, the food is guaranteed to be absolutely finger licking.

People with a low budget for food can still get the best by the local food stalls. Also in Peru, there is a trend of guest houses where you live with families and explore the country saving money from hotel expenses as the guest facilities demand less money that is negotiable too.

The amount of dishes you tastes while your stay in Peru of course, depends on the time you have for the trip, and in a short time, the dishes mentioned below are all you want to try.


The part of the Pacific Ocean touching the coasts of Peru had given it the world’s most delicious supply of seafood. The most popular way of cooking fish in the country is to marinate it with citrus juice. The fish is cooked with all the sour flavorsand later spiced with red onion and aji pepper. The dish is then served with the side meal of white corn or sweet potato. The Peruvians term the leftovers of the citrus marinade as tiger’s milk.


When a traveler reaches to Peru and visits the grocery stores, he gets to see such a wide variety of potatoes, grown from different regions. The Causa dish is made of layers of potatoes with a kind of casserole that is served sliced cold. Among the other layers of the dish, tuna, meat and sometimes boiled egg are found.

The dish is especially served to the travelers to show them the true tastes to the country and how they put the items together to create something absolutely delicious. The dishes reflect the practices of the people and their local customs.

Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado is another very famous Peruvian recipe that is blend of Asian food techniques with old Peruvian cuisines. It is the best pick for beef lovers as it is considered as a mood enhancer for meat lovers. Yellow Peruvian chilies, sliced beef pieces, vinegar and red onions stir up your hunger as they are a perfect combination for people who never compromise on good taste. So, if you never settle for less than the best, try eating yummy soya sauce dipped beef strips with French fries and enjoy the weather with quality food.

With the Chinese immigrants coming to Peru in boats looking for work and jobs, a lot of innovation in the food was seen. The items of food and ways to cook were a new addition to the food vocabulary of Peru and by this yummy stir-fry, with tomatoes, beef, peppers, and onions cooked in with soy sauce and served with fired potatoes. The dish is the best treat for the spice lovers served with white rice. Such dishes are considered as unique in the world and people very much enjoy the party that leaves the food lovers with nothing but a feeling of fulfillment and best flavors in their mouth.

Aji de Gallina

The dish gets its color from the yellow aji pepper that makes it look beautiful and ready to eat. The beauty of the Peruvian dishes is how they are composed of hues and colors that make you want to try it more, as the better it looks, the more delicious it gets. The dish is served with the soft and mouthwatering chicken stew prepared with condensed milk and given thickness with de – crusted white bread. For a vegetarian, the dish is made with certain alternatives, keeping the flavor same and replacing the chicken with boiled potato with creamy yellow sauce. The dish is simple to make and in wide demand by locals and foreigners. The people can find it easy to prepare Aji de Gallina at homes as the food practices of the country remained confined to the domestic kitchens for so long before coming to restaurants. So, enjoy the yummy spicy chicken strips with cheese mixed tasty’ sauce and feel the warmth of Peruvian atmosphere. The superb looking yellow dish served with walnuts produces a desire in you to refresh your mood with the amazing food. Therefore, never miss Ajíde Gallina, especially when you are visiting in cold days as the chillness in the air enhances the taste of the amazing dish.


Anticuchos is a delight of meat lovers and fills all the criteria for best-prepared meat with its form slightly like shish kebabs. The dish is made of marinated meat that is grilled and available at every region in Peru. The major diners and restaurants add the dish to the appetizers.

The dish is found with all its tastes at the stalls on streets and the vendors usually have a way of making the dish with garlic sauce. This food item is considered one of the most eaten dishes in all the regions with the luscious mix of meat with sauces. The dish was carried to Peru by Spanish immigrants and the meat used in the preparation is preferred to be cow’s heart. The practice was followed by the old residents and elites of the country where they cut the heart out and give the rest away to the slaves. However, this can be prepared with every other part of the cow. When in Peru, the dish is a must for the travelers to try and discover the essence of a light and good cooked meal.

Rocoto Relleno

The dish can be found in every good diner in the country and prepared in kitchens in houses all over the country. Rocoto Relleno has gained its name and fame from Peru’s second largest city; Arequipa. People love to have a bite of this mix of beef and hard-boiled egg made with a good spice. The dish is served with the toppings of melted white cheese. The food looks so good just to see that it is already accepted by the brain as something very delicious. For a traveler exploring the history, norms, and culture of Peru, the cuisine is an answer to so many questions.


Alpaca is the dish whose meaning can be taken as very fine and expensive wools used in knitting sweaters. In the Andean region of the country, this camelid has been taken as a source for meat since ages now. The dish somewhat tastes like the cow meat but is considered good due to it velvety and greasy serving. The culinary practice is followed by the Peruvian people since so long that is now a part of most served meals of the country.


Lucuma is a fresher for people and taken by people to get their moods right. The serving is sweet and light and gets to be used in the traditional desserts and ice creams too. As the country is all about diversity, the dish serves an explorer with right meaning of the cultural mix. While your stay in the country, you have to get a fresh day by trying Lucuma and getting lost in the delights it has to offer.

Polio a la Brasa

Polio a la Brasa is a very popular chicken dish of the country that is served all over the world’s major cities as love and endorsed by people globally. The chicken is finger licking good made in soy sauce garlic. The cumin used with the chicken to give it skin and the dish has its salt}’ smoky taste. Outside Peru, it’s typically paired with French fries, but the local Peruvians serve it with fried yucca and dipping sauces. It won’t be wrong to say that the dish has given Peril’s cuisine a name and acknowledgment all over the world and with its true tastes and methods serves the food lovers right. The recipe cooked on charcoal is considered as one of the most consumed dishes across the country. The secret mix of salt, chilies, vinegar, paprika, soya sauce, and peppers make it a unique combination of different flavors mixed in a perfect ratio. So, gather up all the chicken lovers and try Polio a la Brasa as the grilled chicken taste will blow off your mind and you will surely keep on trying this dish for the rest of your life.

Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour is considered the national drink of Peru. It is prepared with Pisco that is a traditional grape brandy from Peru, lemon judge, egg whites, simple syrup, angostura bitters and ice bubs. It is a really delicious drink that is really sweet and have this lemon judge that make it delicious but you have to prevent to drink too much of it because you can get drunk really fast. Actually, it is the favorite drink of ladies in Peru so if you want to invite a drink to a Peruvian lady make sure it is Pisco Sour, she is going to love it.

Where in world you go, the desire to eat and the desire to eat good will always be there as the taste buds demand fine food. Being in Peru means your desire of having a fusion of spices served with worlds most delicious topping is about to be fulfilled. The foods mentioned above are not even a fraction of delicious cuisines of the country but are a must for a foodie to taste.

Peruvian Desserts

The Peruvian desserts hold a worldwide fame for their exclusive tastes and delights. Travelers from all over the world visit Peru to explore the beauty and to take a good bite of the Peruvian desserts that have the exclusivity and essence of cultural mix. The desserts range from puddings to cakes to baked stuff and all of them has a taste like a sweet rapture in the mouth. The desserts are too good to resist and people usually go on with one with every coffee.


Alfajores are the specialty of the country with their popularity all around the country. The dessert is easily available in all the good diners of the country and is widely made in homes. The sweet has two fine layers of cookies filled with famous caramel like dessert filling Manjar Blanco. Alfajores are used as a sweet for coffee/tea time and are easy to learn to make.

Mazamorra Morada

Mazamorra Morada is a very famous and unique Peruvian. The dish is prepared with the special purple corn of the country from which the color and heavenly taste is taken. The dish seems to be a lucrative jelly topped with different kinds of fresh and dried fruits.

Manjar Blanco – Dulce de Leche

Manjar Blanco is the Peruvian milk caramel creme, in some parts called as Dulce de Leche. The sweet is not a complete dessert, but a filling used in many Peruvian sweet dishes like cookies, cakes, Alfajores and much more. People use the sweet for fillings, adding layers and are popular throughout the country usually made in home by reducing the sugared milk to a thick and soft caramel-like paste.

Crema Volteada

The mouth watering Crema Volteada is taken by Peruvian people as a countrywide famous dessert. The sweet dish is adapted from Creme caramel and means cream upside down. The dessert uses sweetened condensed milk with eggs, vanilla, and added sweetness. Being absolutely delicious and not at all heavy, one can loses count of how much has been eaten.

Pie de Limon

Pie de limon is the lemon pie mostly enjoyed and served in Anglophone countries. However, in Peru, the pie has taken a new taste with the replacement of lemons with acid limes. The dessert is a treat for sweet lovers with a delicious topping of lime custard and a baked layer of meringue.

Turron Dona Pepa

Turron is formed by flour masts distributed similar to Jenga game, bathed in sugar syrup and decorated with figs, lozenges, and candies of various shapes so if you like sweet desserts special with honey you are going to love this dessert as I love it. The typical time of this dessert is October because this dessert is related to a religious event in Peru so it is easy and cheaper to buy it at this time, also in many markets and especially in Lima downtown many stores sell this dessert during all the year.

The desserts of Peru are a unique amalgamation of sweet and light ingredients that do not make the after food too heavy for you and you can enjoy the exclusivity anytime you want. People use these desserts for tea parties and coffee times.

Unique Taste and Delicious Flavors of Peruvian Traditional Recipes

Food signifies the actual essence of a place as it is a representative of unique traditions of the country. People travel from place to place and their focus is on exploring the special cuisines of the country to know about the taste of the inhabitants. From their specialties to their spices, everything becomes a memory when you are on a journey to some other country. Peruvian traditional dishes falls in the category of world famous cuisines and people living around the globe tries to taste everything special available on the menu to enjoy their trip. So, plan your visit by focusing on the food list available so that you do not miss anything yummy during your memorable tour.

List of Must Trying Traditional Food Recipes

Peruvian dishes are a mix of various colors and tastes that represents the actual blend of their dwellers and immigrants. From yummiest new additions to old traditional dishes, every cuisine guarantees a worth remembering taste.

Papa Rellena

Potatoes and beef is an evergreen combination that no one can say no to. Papa Rellena is a magical recipe that gives you the delicious flavor of potatoes that forms a covering for the mixture of beef cooked in onions, tomatoes, garlic, cumin, and Paprika. It’s taste is doubled when black olives and hard-boiled eggs are added to this mixture. So, do give it a try if you cannot resist potatoes as the inside filling will make you feel like you are living in heaven!


This dish is an always ready to eat dish for everyone as everyone can eat sausages with French Fries anytime. So, if you cannot decide something from the lavish menus or are not in a mood to have something special for dinner, then Salchipapas is an ideal choice for you that can lighten up your mood by offering you quality’ and yummy food.

Cau Cau

This dish comprises of a combination of tripe stew and rice. So, if you are craving for rice among the traditional Peruvian dishes, this dish can be a good choice. Chilies and garlic gives it a very delicious taste and chunks of potatoes make it more desirable. It is sprinkled with mint before serving to enhance its smell so that the person eating can smell the yummy taste too before eating it. You can also add fish or chicken to increase its taste as per your craving. So, do give it a try and give your stomach some spicy flavor that will be remembered forever!


It is one of the oldest Peruvian dishes that comprises of vegetables and beef. The stew is made up of chicken meat or pork, as per your wish, with dried potatoes, peanuts, and various chilly powders. So, people who want to have a taste of everything should try it as it can satisfy their hunger pangs in the best possible way.

Arroz Tapado

A beautifully presented rice dish in which rice is covered in layers with fried beef increases the need for eating. So, do have Arroz Tapado as it is another popular rice combination that gives you a chance to taste the yummy fried onions and tomatoes in a unique way that not only satisfies your hunger but also pleases your ability to view delicious food presented in a unique way.


Another very famous and special dish of Peru ceviche that offers you the most amazing fish taste in the world. The juicy fruit acid helps in cooking the fish and is garnished with aji pepper and red onions. It provides you a chance to check the sensational taste of Peruvian seafood that is unmatched in the world. So, do try it and you will certainly order it once again just for satisfying your desire to have it again and again.

Arroz con Polio

It is yet another yummy rice dish combined with shrimps or chicken. It is quite similar to Spanish paella, but the amazing flavor of the rice mix with appetizing spices makes it an irresistible food item. So, do have this tempting rice item and enjoy the mouth-watering dish with beautiful scenes around you.

This list offers you a variety of different dishes that must be tried on during your trip so that you can share your food experience with family and friends. Select according to your taste and enjoy the lip-smacking food items of Peru.


This is a traditional food of Peruvians, it has existed for around 5000 years in the traditional food especially made in highlands and you can find with different meats, the most common are chicken, lamb, and pig. It is a really delicious dish that you can find in Cusco, Huancayo, Ayacucho, Huancavelica, also in Lima but only in some restaurants. It has a very delicious taste that comes from the spices they use for it like coriander, red pepper sauce, vinegar, chicha and season the meat with cumin, salt, and pepper. It can be made in the floor and cover by hot stones and also can be made in a big pot. It is accompanied by potatoes, yams, and humita. Humita is a delicious dessert made of corn and flour like a little cake accompanied with raisins.

Cuy Chactado

This is another traditional food made in highlands of Peru, you can find the dish in almost all the cities in highlands. The meat is guinea pig that is fried with a lot of oil and it is accompanied by potatoes, salad, and corn. The dish is very delicious and also has a lot of proteins and minerals. Some people can get impacted with the presentation of the dish even Peruvian people, I personally like it a lot but that happens because my family always cooks this dish once a month approximately but even if you are not used to try this kind of food, it is a very delicious dish you must try in Peru.


Peru has a very mixed and diverse range of cuisine and desserts. The foods and recipes have reached the region from all parts of the world and the gastronomy now seen in the country includes Chinese, Italian, Japanese, African and most of the Spanish traditions given a unique taste by the spices and natural ingredients of the land.

The land of Peru is now acknowledged by the world to be a hub of most diverse and delicious foods. Firstly, all the deserts and traditional Peruvian dishes were cooked at home and enjoyed by families while the fast foods and other foreign cookery was available at the restaurants. But. with the increased visits of travelers and hype in tourism to the region, the travelers preferred to try out the Peruvian cuisines. This led the way for traditional food into the diners and big hotels. The people of Peru take pride in owing their values and the food. These people are as friendly as one can get, and the love is reflected in the foods too. Having a Peruvian friend means you can get an unlimited stock of customary food delights and delicious desserts. So, for a traveler who happens to be a foodie too, Peru is the best travel destination. From seafood to cuisines to desserts, Peru has got it all to offer to someone with a sense to explore and where ever you go, you will find new trends of cookery and exclusive tastes that will blow your mind away.

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