5 Things You need to Know About Medical Vacation

There are FIVE very important things you must know before taking your subsequent travel assignment:


Chances are INCREDIBLY HIGH you’re not getting paid top dollar to your assignment if you accept the typical Benefit Package travel organizations offer.

Most travelers (equally new and seasoned) don’t understand that the Standard Benefit Package made available from a travel company is a STARTING place regarding negotiation. Because the initial salary offered is more than what they receive to get a stationary job position, often travelers quickly take the typical salary, not realizing that discussing for MORE is not too difficult.

I know for an undeniable fact that I have worked along side other medical travelers doing the identical job I was hired to do concurrently in the same hospital and so they were making less hourly than me… And many of these people were not not used to the travel game! Exactly why? They might either be unaware of the pay range for job title and expertise and/or they simply considered that their current assignment “just paid that particular amount. “

But the true NUMBER ONE reason they aren’t getting a premium price is they don’t know very well what to ask and the way to ask for it!

Just knowing what to be able to ask can signal to a recruiter that you will be a savvy business particular person and immediately increase your changes to getting the best deal.

Will not take years to “catch on”, losing money whilst, when you can start smart right out from the gate. And if you’ve already hit the trail and are suspecting you are not getting the best bargains, you can change in which today!


You can result in some very undesirable locations unless you know how to access the most effective travel assignments.

When I first began medical travel I needed no idea of the particular broad scope of places I really could visit. I merely took the sole job I was offered and attempt to drive across the country within my own car. I arrived to spend a really desolate 13 weeks in a little off the beaten track town that offered practically nothing of interest. In addition it absolutely was a very dull functioning environment. So much for your glamour of travel!!

The type of job I recently described is obviously harder to fill using a more knowledgeable traveler and so many companies merely use the traveling novice and send them packing for the outer parts of no place. After all, the travel company gets paid so that you can work… where you work can be your problem!

However, even whoever has been traveling for awhile often have no idea how to land one of the most desirable job locations. It took me several years to find out the “nuts and bolts” of finding yourself where I really wished to work and visit. (All things considered, one of the significant reasons besides salary to hit the trail is to enjoy the particular view!! )#) Looking again, accessing the BEST job locations was just a matter of know-how rather than complicated at all.


You can get arranged on some flights coming from “you know where” in case you are unaware of the alternatives the travel company provides.

Some years ago I took work in Oregon that necessitated me flying around the world from my Florida deal with. I was still within my medical travel learning curve and so ended up changing travel arrangements three different times detailed with hideous layovers plus I attained 1 am each day at an airport that has been two hours away from your town where I could be working! I took the local rental car awaiting me and drove for the hotel where I was to pay my first night (when crawling into bed with around 4 am could be called bedtime for the night! )#) In addition to that the motel ended up like a colossal dump with any stuck heater system in which turned my room in to a steam bath, finally driving me out in to the early morning air fatigued and angry.

Since vacation companies normally cover the travel expenses, they can save funds by re-routing you all around us and by having you reach weird hours and inside towns or cities within “driving distance” of one’s destination. Trust me, that happens often! If you never know your “rights” you should have the experience fairly quickly as soon as you begin to travel.

So just know in which because you’re told your “travel plans are typical taken care of” it doesn’t mean you will like the arrangements a single bit!!


There are many approaches to either enjoy or rue the afternoon you took an assignment and one particular factors is the form of housing accommodations the travel company offers up you.

Most assignment last 13 months and 13 weeks is quite a while to live somewhere you never like and enjoy. I’ve had almost every experience possible since My partner and i began traveling, from relatively lousy, to just common, to absolutely grand. So when any traveler will inform you, GRAND is always far better!

To tell you the reality I could just kick myself once i think back to a number of the housing conditions I approved. It wasn’t that we were holding terrible (well, a single was pretty bad! )#), several were just “ho-hum. ” (Most certainly not directly overlooking the marine, which I have today experienced on two tasks… all due to the particular negotiating techniques I’ve learned as you go along. )#)

But now I go high grade on each of my own assignments and I do that frequently. And believe it or perhaps not, it’s very an easy task to get those upscale property considerations. Very easy! At considerations I ask regarding and receive besides a great upscale apartment complex or perhaps condo community (a good beginning in and of alone! )#), are a BIG television (I prefer sports and I don’t desire to squint to see the particular action! )#), a washer and dryer inside our apartment or condo (no trips for the local wash-dry-and-fold for myself! )#), availability of a pool and workout room, a really well stocked kitchen (not really a few barely adequate necessities) and also a hide-a-bed sofa within my current assignment in the event I want to have got guests. These are just a couple of examples of the things I require and receive… My list continues on and on!

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