Breastfeeding And Allied Travel Jobs – The true Story


I’ve been a medical traveler for quite some time now and have acquired numerous occasions to review numerous Travel Company web web sites. Most of them contain some sort of Q & A section that explains where did they work and what they feature. I’ve found that the data given, while accurate, is quite incomplete.

Most of what I’ve learned all about the medical travel industry continues to be learned through the proverbial University of Hard Knocks. It occurred if you ask me recently to write a write-up that expanded on the most common information given on health-related travel websites, an article that introduced (as Paul Harvey utilized to say) the “Rest with the Story. “

And thus… here we go!


Travel Company: On their web web sites Travel Companies usually state a salary range that they offer with regards to the type of position, your specialization and your experience.

Remaining portion of the Story: What you are initially offered to get a travel assignment is usually not the top dollar which can be found for that assignment. Most travelers merely accept what they may be offered believing the “deal could be the deal” for that distinct assignment. I used to accomplish this too… but not any longer!

You especially limit your odds of getting the best wage for your assignments if you register with only a single travel agency. When you are doing that, you give apart all leverage to discuss for better pay. I am always listed with multiple travel companies therefore i can compare several potential assignments simultaneously and negotiate to find the best over all packages.

There are numerous other “pitfalls” in terms of getting the most compensation to your travel job. For illustration, it behooves you to be able to clarify the stipulations for receiving certain forms of bonuses and whether you need to work solely for a single company to earn people bonuses. Again, if you benefit only one company, you may unknowingly surrender higher compensation in areas of your benefit package for the company to give you those bonuses, in which case they could hardly be called an additional benefit.

Remember, you can constantly, “work your best package, ” (negotiate) together with several companies while nonetheless remaining highly professional. Furthermore, knowing how to require more will telegraph to a recruiter you are aware your business and will position one to receive the best presents.


Travel Company: Travel companies always state they offers you fully furnished housing while you’re on your assignment.

Remaining portion of the Story: You may be asked to share with you a two bedroom condominium with another traveler, a good stranger, who is working your same location unless you understand you can request any one bedroom separate condominium.

Some travelers have been “required” (since they merely accepted this arrangement) to call home in an extended stay facility for your 13 weeks of a great assignment. This is very cramped sectors and becomes extremely wearying after one or two hours weeks.

I have seen travelers handle other conditions that were very undesirable for instance having their housing located past an acceptable limit from the hospital. I needed this experience on a single assignment (before My partner and i learned to clear everything that up in advance! )#). Every day I had to help make my way through 10 miles of morning rush hour traffic to succeed in the hospital.

In inclusion, fully furnished means different things to different people. Unless you know what to require in advance you will be stuck with things being a poorly furnished kitchen (only some sad looking pots and also pans for cooking) along with sparse and unattractive home furniture (an ugly environmentally friendly sofa and purple chair pop into your head).

Knowing what your alternatives really are and the way to ask for them is paramount to presenting a comfortable, safe, hassle-free and enjoyable living set up. Multiple considerations are there for your asking, but you definitely must ask. By clarifying beforehand what I need and also expect, and by applying an easy task to learn negotiating techniques I’ve perfected as time passes, I now receive the top housing accommodations on almost all my assignments.


Travel Company: All travel companies offer many different benefits besides housing and salary that may include per diem pay out, travel expenses, bonuses, garments and equipment reimbursement, insurance policy, continuing education, 401 K’s, and so forth.

Rest of the Account: Travel benefit packages are definitely not all equal! As an example, one travel company’s insurance plan may not start until 30 days once you’ve begun your assignment versus an insurance plan offered by another business that becomes effective the first day face to face. These and numerous some other “small print” concerns can get back to bite you if you might be unprepared!

I’ve also talked to nurses who have been never offered per diem pay (the common is $30. 00 per day or $210. 00 a week) yet others were receiving it given that they asked for it!
Some were told they are able to elect to have every diem pay but would certainly receive fewer benefits in areas if they chose in which option. However, that was incorrect for other travelers which refused that trade away from. I know I continuously receive per diem pay out on ALL my tasks without sacrificing any lowering of other areas of settlement.

To make your travel feel the most lucrative and pleasurable, it pays (virtually! )#) to know what is available along with how to access those top grade benefit packages.


Travel Company: Travel companies offer many different ways to cover the travel expenses. If you need to fly to your project, your flight costs will probably be paid in advance along with your travel itinerary arranged to suit your needs plus a rental car will probably be provided once you reach your destination. If you might be desirous of driving your own personal car to your career site, you will receive mileage compensation and/or an appartment fee amount for vacation expenses.

Rest of the particular Story: Travel companies can save big money by booking you about flights that leave or reach undesirable times of the afternoon or night or that re-route you all around us, necessitating you change aeroplanes frequently.

I had that experience in the beginning in my travel career (oh that of a novice I was next! )#), when after 3 prevents, and long layovers, I finally landed with an airport at 1 am each day that was a total two hour drive far from my job site! Just to enhance the misery, after that two hour drive during the night I arrived to get the hotel booked for me was the greatest rat’s nest with any stuck heater system in which turned my room directly into an unbearable steam bathtub.

I also have several rather interesting stories about the sort of cars that were hired on my behalf (jar can anyone? )#). Fortunately I’ve learned steer clear of all those nightmares now travel comfortably and with reasonable hours.

The point is that unless you know your way across the available travel options, plus learn how to negotiate for the finest travel considerations, you may have some pretty nasty vacation experiences.


Vacation Company: Travel companies paint any somewhat glamorous picture with the places you can travel as well as the wonderful experiences you’ll have.

Rest of the Account: If you’re a traveling novice there exists a very good chance you can be in some out with the way place or hospital which is anything but glamorous. Travel companies are stressed to fill whatever opportunities that present (all things considered, that’s how they help make their money! )#) and in addition they can offer less as compared to desirable job locations to be able to those who don’t learn how to navigate the system. That certainly happened to me initially I took a vacation position. I landed in the miserable little town using a very boring job project. It made for a really long 13 weeks!

Just knowing you will get dealt the “low end with the deck” if you’re not used to the game can assist you avoid something really dower. Nonetheless, even seasoned travelers tend to be not getting the best assignments that exist. Thankfully, over time I’ve learned what things to ask for and what things to avoid, and more notably, how to spot a negative job location no matter the amount of bows are on the particular package.


Travel Company: Travel companies accurately declare that a recruiter will contact you of a job opportunity and will provide you with a general overview with the job, its requirements, and what salary as well as other benefits are being supplied. You will also have a way to ask whatever questions you would like concerning the position.

Remaining portion of the Story: Recruiters are going to offer the basics of the particular potential job assignment for your requirements but they are not likely to go into any great detail unless it really is in direct response in your questions. You should also anticipate to ask pertinent questions with the hospital representative if you should decide to interview to get a position presented to you from the recruiter.

I remain astounded at how many even experienced travelers that either usually do not ask many questions with regards to a potential job assignment or do not know what to ask to learn the “nitty gritty” of what the work really entails. As an outcome, there are many travelers that are quite “surprised” (and not in an effective way! )#) about the real facts when they reach their job vacation spot. And of course, want it or not, they are bound by way of a legal contract to meet their assignment.

Just by asking how many staff that will be taking care of your floor or within your department, the number of patients or tests you will end up expected to oversee or perhaps perform, and the proportion of permanent and vacation staff, you can begin to acquire a definite feel for what you would encounter. Recently while considering a posture, I was able to be able to ask those questions additionally several others that revealed there was a recent “uproar” inside the department with people leaving behind in mass, leading me to choose not to jump in to the fray.

I am always being treated for the latest horror story concerning jobs that have been anything but what they were considered to be. That doesn’t have being your story if you learn the proper questions to ask to acquire the real picture.

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