Your Own Risk – 10 Nations around the world Where Travel Insurance Won’t Manage to Help You

The foreign and commonwealth office draws up a thorough list of countries that really should not be travelled to quite regularly and it’s also from that our, as well as other global travel insurance providers’, underwriters decide which countries travel insurance should be provided regarding. We look at the us government travel advice and decide from that if we can provide insurance policy to travellers.

Although global travel insurance does, by its dynamics, cover the majority with the world, the current climate ensures there are some places where it is likely that incident means that BRITISH travel insurance providers can’t offer protection. Thankfully, the list is clear of many popular holiday destinations, and you’re unlikely to own your big holiday ideas affected. The most likely group to own their travel plans altered from the foreign office’s travel assistance are business travellers.

The foreign office’s vacation advice is not to journey to the following countries, even if it signifies losing business – the chance from the warzones listed below is just too great to make the reward worth the chance:

Here’s our top 10 countries in order to avoid travelling to, and the causes for the high chance factor! The risk is definately not conclusive (the overseas office’s travel advice lists additional countries), but if you ask me, these are the ones that most travellers should avoid just like the plague:

10) Liberia

Economic hardship in Liberia is making outbreaks of assault common, and foreigners (especially westerners) have reached risk targets because of the affluence. This extra likelihood of incident means that no UK travel insurer would risk offering you cover if you visit Liberia

9) Nepal

Occasional acts of terrorism and also political violence in towns make Nepal off-limits for many who want to get travel insurance. In September this yr, three nearly simultaneous bombs went off inside the capital of Kathmandu, getting rid of 3 and injuring several innocent bystanders.


Haiti is considered away from limits to many travellers because of the high risk regarding kidnappings and civil unrest which is prominent. At the moment of writing, there are already 12 kidnappings of U . s . travellers in 2007 : mostly criminal in dynamics. In the past, these kinds of kidnappings have ended inside physical and sexual blasts and shootings. The prospect of spontaneous protests and demonstrations in addition has been known to bring about unexpected violence, day or perhaps night. It’s no surprise the government’s travel advice just isn’t to travel here!


As a result of high levels of terrorist action in Yemen, westerners should steer clear of Yemen. If this is simply not possible, then all travellers should stay vigilant and to help keep a low profile in order to avoid attacks or kidnapping. The specific situation is so grave the US Embassy often restricts American citizens from certain hotels, eating places and shopping areas.


The Gaza Strip and also West Bank has seen immense violence lately between Israeli and Palestinian factions, and also shootings, kidnappings and assault demonstrations have occurred inside each. The region’s continued instability makes happen to be Israel widely recommended against – the chance of abduction or worse makes travel insurance impossible to obtain.

5)Democratic Republic regarding Congo

The democratic republic of Congo remains just about the most dangerous places to vacation in Africa, where assault, neglect and corruption has left the united states distinctly damaged. Fighting erupted inside the streets of Kinshasa in March in 2010, and the situation remains volatile inspite of the immediate threat of assault calming down. Travel outside Kinshasa is difficult and also dangerous with security, especially inside the north and easy, getting unstable. Any traveller brave enough to journey to the Congo should become extremely cautious, avoid the North Kivu district which can be the backdrop to provided conflict between government troopers and army rebels, avoid crowds and keep an in depth eye on local mass media.

4)Burma (Myanmar)

Even though the human rights situation tends to make Myanmar an ethically uneasy destination for a visit, currently there will be a lot of personal risk involved at the same time. Throughout September, the anti-government protests sparked a violent crackdown from your authorities and made global headlines. Although the dusk-til-dawn curfew imposed in a number of the towns has been elevated, it still remains an uncertain time and energy to visit the country and you’re unlikely to get any global travel insurance carrier who will insure an individual.


Colombia remains just about the most dangerous places to travel on earth thanks to the crime the united states suffers from. The illicit drug trade in towns such as Cali and Buenaventura means that there are often a high chance of violence, while the harder rural areas expose visitors to the country at chance from narcoterrorist groups that will often kidnap civilians to utilize for ransom or to get media attention. Naturally UK travel insurance companies are loathe to be able to insure travellers who elect to ignore these warning and happen to be Colombia anyway.


With all the war on terror inside Afghanistan still fresh inside the mind, it’s no surprise the country remains a huge no-go area. Western visitors are obvious kidnap and also assassination targets, as lots of the disbanded Taliban and Al-Qa’ida forces remain most importantly and hostile to the newest regieme. Additionally, the country remains unsafe as a result of tribal groups, explosive gadgets, landmines, military operations and also acts of terrorism. Unsurprisingly, the government’s travel advice is always to avoid travelling here without exceptions!


Given the visible nature of western kidnappings simply by various insurgent groups, as well as the regular acts of terrorism and also hostility to Western troopers, it is no surprise that no travel insurance companies will insure travellers for the troubled country. The instability is due to various groups – Ba’ath program remnants, transnational terrorists and criminal elements are already known to attack convoys en-route to be able to venues, hotels, restaurants, checkpoints and also police stations.

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